About DevOpsifiers

We are a couple of nerds passionate about IT, that want to share their devopsing passion and their journey towards devopsification. Because of this finally found the time and motivation to start something of our own! Welcome to our little corner of the Internet 😉 We would love you to subscribe to our RSS feed or share our posts if you find them interesting and relevant.

Hey, my name is Piotr. I am a husband, father, developer, architect, nerd, and leader. I am excited about everything to do with Dev Sec Ops and Cloud. I started as a .NET developer may years ago and now I am knowledgeable enough to be certified DevOps and Azure Solutions Expert. I must confess, I am a little bit lazy and I cannot get around without automation. Born in Poland, living, working and enjoying nature in Norway. Find me on LinkedIn and feel free to reach out.

Hi! I am Gosia, but some people know me as mom, some as wifey (ok, ok, it is only for one person and it is Piotr), others coworker or a friend, but for some I am just “ey, you!”. For quite a few years now have I been working as a full-stack developer, however recently I have been feeling a growing passion and interest in DevOps. I am only at the beginning of my journey, but I believe I am facing some quite interesting challenges. While finding solutions, I will be glad to share with you. Maybe you will find them helpful, or maybe you will find them silly and they will just make you smile and feel better about your skills. Either way, I am happy with both :). At the times when I am not coding, you will probably find me either playing with our little one, in my cave painting or studying Italian. In case you would like to reach out you can contact me via LinkedIn.

Let us devopsify me & you!